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Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc

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Santa Rosa, CA 95467

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Welcome to Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services!

We are a full service brokerage committed to bringing you the best insurance for the lowest premiums. We represent more than 100 California insurance brokers with more than $150 million in written premium. This provides stability with our companies.

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California Insurance Brokers ♦ Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc

One of the most important decisions that you can make is to protect your home and your vehicle in California by purchasing an insurance policy. Having the correct policy will protect your lifestyle and your investments. By taking the time to investigate your options for various policies and to make sure that the policy that you are looking into is the correct one for you, you will know that you are covered in the case that you ever have to use your insurance in the case that you suffer the loss of your home or automobile.

One of the very first steps that you should take is to find an independent insurance agent that will take the time to make sure that you are getting the absolute best policy while making sure that you are not getting more than you need. They may choose to do this face to face or over the phone. Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc. is one such company that has the types of agents that are dedicated to serving their customers to the best of their ability. The agents that you will work with will know exactly what to ask you to make sure that every concern you have is answered and that you walk away with an insurance policy that is perfect for your individual needs.

So whether you are looking for homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, or various other insurance policies in the Santa Rosa, CA insurance market, Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc. is one of the best companies for you. To get the absolute best assistance today and to get that policy started immediately, give us a call and we will make sure that all of your specific needs are met.

Why Choose Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services?

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Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services is a full service brokerage committed to bringing you the best insurance for the lowest premiums. We deliver this promise directly through our experienced brokers whose combined years of experience are over 80 years. Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services is also a member of Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers together representing more than 100 California insurance brokers with more than $150 million in written premium. This provides stability with our companies.

What do you mean by directly?

When you become a client of Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, you are assigned one of our experienced brokers as your exclusive contact. You will always speak directly with your broker not an 800 number that sends you to a different customer service representative every time you call and who does not know you or your account personally. Your broker representative will monitor your insurance at all times contacting you regarding billing questions, changes and claims. If something happens with your current insurance, they are there to shop and move your insurance as needed.

What is a brokerage?

An independent broker is defined by the California Department of Insurance as a representative of the insured, you the customer. As brokers we are able to place your insurance business with many different insurance companies such as Allied (A Nationwide Company), Travelers Insurance Company, Safeco Insurance Company (A Liberty Mutual Company), Capital Insurance Group, The Hartford, Kemper and many more. Because we are appointed with so many companies we are not beholden to just one giving us the freedom to represent your interests. Agents who represent just one company, known as direct writers, do not have this freedom. The California Department of Insurance defines an agent as one who represents the insurance company rather than the insured.

Does it cost more to have a broker represent me?

No! Although brokers can charge broker fees these are usually reserved for hard to place commercial insurance policies. Allegheny Pacific’s contracts with all of our personal lines insurance companies prohibit us from charging any fees.

How does Allegheny Pacific make money?

Brokers earn commission from the company with whom we place your insurance. The insurance rates that are charged are the same rates that you would get directly, so our services do NOT cost you one cent!

Are there any other benefits?

Yes! Since your broker representative is your advocate, you can ask that “what if” question without jeopardizing your insurance coverage. Your broker will provide you with an answer based on their licensing and experience which can help save you money and hassle.

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