Boat/Watercraft Insurance

In California, you are not required to have boater's insurance unless you are teaching hands-on boating safety (which requires commercial general liability insurance).

However, it is still a good idea to have insurance on your boat. Smaller boats may be covered by your homeowners' insurance policy, generally with a horsepower limit of 25 to 100. They will generally only be covered for inland waterways, lakes and rivers - if you plan on going on the open ocean you will need an insurer. Boat insurance is fairly similar to auto insurance.

Boat insurance is best purchased from an experienced marine insurer - and we know what we are doing. Coverage generally includes attached equipment and covers you for damage or theft as well as liability associated with using your boat.

You can save a lot of money by insuring your boat with the same company that covers your house and car and, just like with auto insurance, you can get a discount for having a good driving record.

Again, although boat coverage is not required by law in coverage, it is a good idea. Boats, especially ocean-going craft can be quite expensive. You should also consider coverage for personal watercraft such as jet skis. You want "All risk" coverage for the best deal and protection for your boat. Note that if you have a boat larger than 29' it counts as a yacht and is somewhat more complicated to insure - and even more important to cover.

If you have a boat that you need insuring, contact Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc. We cover boats and personal watercraft and can offer you the best coverage for the best price, no matter where you boat.

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