Commercial/Business Insurance

Any business owner in the state of California should know that commercial insurance is very important. One can avoid a great deal of financial loss simply by having the appropriate commercial insurance. Commercial insurance can protect a business owner from many different types of losses that can take place, such as theft, worker injury, liability, business interruption, and property damage. A business owner who has purchased the correct commercial insurance can very possibly have made the difference between going out of business and minimal business interruption and financial loss.

There are many different types of commercial insurance that can be purchased, depending on the type of business for which they are being purchased.

Coverage Offers

Allegheny Pacific Insurance offers a wide selection of coverage’s to protect your business.  We know that your business is your livelihood and should be protected to the fullest. 

Our brokers can provide:

  1. Workers Comp Insurance
  2. Commercial Auto Insurance
  3. Commercial Liability
  4. Commercial Property
  5. Commercial Umbrella
  6. Bonds
  7. Landlord Protection Plans
  8. And More

    Agents will walk you through each coverage to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. We will also analyse the situation and suggest certain endorsements or entire packages that will yield extensive security for you.

     There is property insurance, such as commercial property, boiler and machinery, crime, and inland marine. There is also casualty insurance, including commercial automobile, commercial umbrella, commercial general liability, and workers’ compensation. Not every business will need to purchase every one of these types of coverage, but most businesses will need to purchase at least one or a few. The ones that would most benefit any specific business depend on the nature of the business, and the business owner can talk to an agent in order to figure out which types of coverage are actually necessary for that specific business.   The types of coverage that would need to be purchased to depend on the individual risk characteristics of the business itself, and the individual who is making the decision will need to assess exactly what he or she feels needs to be covered.      If you live in the state of California and want more information about commercial insurance, there are many Hidden Valley Lake, CA commercial insurance agents who can provide you with assistance. Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc. is home to many independent insurance agents who are able to give you the appropriate guidance as to taking the next steps.  

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