Condo Insurance

Many people are not aware that those who own condominiums have a specific type of insurance that they should be paying for their home. There are major differences between home insurance and condo insurance, as condo owners do not carry the same degree of responsibility for their properties as do those who own houses. However, the rules actually will not be the same between different condominium complexes, so it is important for condo owners to know about condo insurance in the state of California so that they can have the coverage that they need.

Typically, people who own a condo do not own the entire complex, but just their own unit. As such, they retain individual ownership of their own unit and shared ownership of the rest of the complex with the other people who are living in the complex. As such, they have a collective responsibility when it comes to taking care of common areas, such as hallways and lounges. They generally pay dues to a condominium association for the purpose of taking care of the common areas, and they are responsible for insuring their own private units. The master policy of the condo association and the rules that they have set in place will generally determine the specifics when it comes to which parts are covered by association dues and which parts for which each owner is individually responsible.

If you are a condo owner in Hidden Valley Lake, California, you may want to consult with one of a number of Hidden Valley Lake, CA condo insurance agents to see what your options are in terms of insurance. There are several independent insurance agents at Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services, Inc. who would be happy to give you the information that you need and direct you in terms of obtaining the appropriate coverage.

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