Homeowners Insurance

Any homeowner in California is probably well aware of the importance of home insurance. The home is often an individual's largest financial investment, so it is important to make sure that one is covered where the home is concerned.

There are many assets that will be covered by a thorough home insurance policy. One is the physical structure of the house; the policy will cover any damage to the home in the event of a fire or natural disaster (as long as said disaster is listed in the policy). Additionally, most policies will cover other buildings on the property, such as tool sheds and stand-alone garages. Personal belongings can also be covered in case of fire, natural disaster, or theft. Liability protection, which covers the policyholder in the event of a lawsuit for property damage or bodily injury caused to other people, as well as no-fault medical coverage in order to cover the medical expenses of anyone who is injured in the policyholder's home without them having to file a claim against the policyholder. Additional living expenses are also covered, in the case that an insured disaster prevents the policyholder from living at the home; expenses such as hotel bills and restaurant expenses, as well as other costs that have shown to be more than one would normally be spending on a day to day basis when living in his or her home.

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